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New reducing agents and optimized redox techniques: Formaldehyde-free for the sustainable production of emulsion polymers

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Heilbronn/Germany, April 2024 - At the American Coatings Show (30 April to 2 May 2024 in Indianapolis, booth 1060), Brüggemann will showcase their advancements in environmentally friendly reducing agents and processes for the production of emulsion polymers used in coatings, inks and adhesives. The company is highlighting its formaldehyde-free, multi-constituent sulphur-based Bruggolite® products, which are suitable for use under a wide variety of conditions.
These products also offer increased reactivity for higher performance at lower dosages and can be used to achieve low to non-detectable levels of free monomer. They are compliant with strict regulatory requirements throughout the world and most have FDA clearance for direct food contact.

Formaldehyde-free for a wide range of applications

Brüggemann's portfolio of formaldehyde-free reducing agents are built on the company's more than 100 years of experience with this chemistry and its close cooperation with customers. In addition to Bruggolite® FF6 M, the first reducing agent of this type available on the market, the line now also features the customized grades Bruggolite® E28, TP 1853, and TP 1651, which allow for much broader process conditions and unique manufacturing processes.

Bruggolite® FF6 M is suitable for main and post-polymerization in a pH range from 4 to 8 and at temperatures from 80 °C down to 20 °C. Bruggolite® E28 shows excellent reactivity in emulsion polymerizations with pH values between 2 and 4. Bruggolite® TP 1853 and TP 1651 are novel formaldehyde-free reducing agents with an extended processing window in terms of pH and temperature. They are optimized for the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate-based (TP 1853) and styrene acrylate-based (TP 1651) systems in addition to pure acrylics.

Using data and application technologies to achieve greater sustainability

Brüggemann is the only company in the world to have created basic redox application data for a wide variety of emulsion polymers. Used as a starting point for polymer development, they can help optimize redox dosage to minimize cycle time and residual monomers. New advances in the use of redox initiation for main polymerization can create additional opportunities to alter polymer morphology while improving productivity and still complying with environmental regulations.

With the same intention, Brüggemann also shares with its customers its ever-growing fundamental understandings of how redox systems influence the long-term stability of biocides in order to optimize the type and dosage of biocides to meet changing regulatory requirements.

This information is summarised in 18 courses and is available at the Brüggemann Institute for Redox Chemistry at

Reliable partner for the long term

Brüggemann places high priority on sustainable production and reducing dependence on fossil fuels which is underscored by the commissioning of a new biomass heating plant in 2023. This enabled the company to reduce its CO2 footprint for steam generation at the Heilbronn site by 80%.

Michael S. O’Shaughnessy, President at BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc. states,"Customers can count on Brüggemann to be their reliable long-term development partner. We will continue our extensive R&D activities to develop new, environmentally friendly grades of Bruggolite® reducing agents that not only offer additional features but create opportunities for novel processes that shorten cycle time and reduce energy consumption."

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