Our Team

Jörg Wolters

Managing Director/Senior Consultant
Phone: +49 6027 99005-13

Jörg Wolters studied Mechanical Engineering at Darmstadt Technical University, specializing in materials science and automotive engineering. He obtained his doctorate at the German Plastics Institute (DKI), Darmstadt, with a thesis on non-destructive material testing. Until 1990 he directed an industrial company’s national and international press activities. He then joined the German plastics magazine Kunststoffe,where he was responsible for ‘Materials and Applications’ in a senior editor's capacity until 1994.

Sandra Amann

Graphics, Layout, DTP
Phone: +49 6027 99005-15

After completing her professional training as a typesetter, Sandra Amann worked for many years as a graphic designer and most recently headed the media prepress department of a newspaper publishing house. Afterwards, she continued education in the areas of online marketing, web design and multimedia through a distance learning course. Since mid-2019 at Konsens, the state-certified designer has been responsible for designing print media and online advertising media, creating graphics and producing media plans. She also teaches at design at the vocational school.

Ursula Herrmann

Graphics, Layout, DTP, PR Assistance, Accounting
Phone: +49 6027 99005-22

Ursula Herrmann has been a member of the KONSENS team since the company's inception. After graduating from high school she obtained a secretary's diploma and worked in a print shop and for the editorial office of Kunststoffe magazine. As PR assistant in our team, her main duties include the DTP-based production of  texts and brochures, digital processing of scanned images, and the creation of graphic artwork.

Barbara Welsch

Senior Consultant
Phone: +49 6027 99005-14

Barbara Welsch studied translation (languages: English, French; fields of specialization: mechanical and electrical engineering) at the University of Hildesheim before joining an IT company as technical editor. Her initial duties included the production and translation of owner manuals and online help documents; she later went on to conduct seminars and training programs for technicians and distributors both in Germany and abroad. She has been part of the KONSENS team since 2006.