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How to Make High-Quality Plastic Compounds Out of Packaging Waste

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APK Relies on Coperion ZSK Extruder Technology for Newcycling®

Stuttgart, October 2020 – For its innovative, solvent-based plastic recycling process Newcycling®, APK AG in Merseburg, is relying on the high-performance ZSK extruder technology and technical process expertise from Coperion. Using the Newcycling® process, multi-polymer and multi-layer plastic packaging, that previously could not be recycled, can now be separated and processed into homogeneous regrind using ZSK twin screw extruders. In contrast to chemical recycling, the polymer in this process remains unchanged and does not require energy- and cost-intensive re-polymerization. Newcycling®, therefore, is highly efficient from a cost and from an environmental perspective...

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