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i-mold’s integrated indexing plate drive provides a space saving all-in-one solution
Supports short cycle times in multi-component injection moulding

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In multi-component injection moulding, i-mold's new space-saving indexing plate drives can be integrated into the mould to provide fast and precise motions. © i-mold

Erbach, May 2019 – A new addition to i-mold's portfolio of Servomold solutions is a line-up of servomotor-powered indexing plate drives that can be fully integrated into multi-component injection moulds in a space saving arrangement. Available in four standard system sizes, these units are suitable for plate weights up to 250 kg. They are built to provide fast, precise and trouble-free rotary motions, thus helping significantly to achieve short cycle times and smooth production workflows. Their scope of use also includes applications in which the injection moulding cycle is followed by a punching or filling operation.

Unlike conventional devices of this type which act via reversing rack drives, i-mold's new indexing plate drives provide unlimited rotary motion through 360 deg and beyond. This functionality offers a time-saving advantage, eliminating the need to return to a zero position before a new cycle can be started. The key to this benefit lies in the use of a system based on all-rotational action, consisting of the servo motor unit (SAK type), an elastic servo coupling (SEK type), the indexing plate drive (SID type), and the splined output shaft to the indexing plate. The worm gear principle allows a transmission of power at a 90-deg angle, thus enabling a space-saving installation of the servo motor unit on the mould.

The turntable and indexing plate specialist Polar-Form uses this combination, including the associated control system, to manufacture complete indexing plate systems while also  supplying the associated cooling solution. The system is firmly attached to the clamping plate of the injection moulding machine, permitting indexing plate moulds of similar size to be operated with a uniform indexing plate unit, i.e., without requiring a separate rotary mechanism for every mould.

SID indexing plate drives come in four frame sizes and with two SAK servomotor units delivering different outputs. Depending on the combination, the system can actuate indexing plates with a maximum weight between 10 kg and 250 kg. A rotation through 180 deg takes only 0.3 s to complete with the lightest plate, and a similarly short 1.2 s with the heaviest type.  All systems are equipped with a safety brake to prevent mould damage in the case of a power failure. The output shaft is splined but can be individually adapted at the customer's request. 

i-mold GmbH & Co. KG based in Erbach/Germany is an experienced partner to moldmakers serving the plastic injection molding industry. Servomold is the collective name for the growing number of i-mold's standardized solutions for implementing servoelectric – and hence, clean and space-saving – rotary and linear movements in injection molds. Applications range from providing individual threads in engineering plastic moldings through linear slider and core-pulling operations, to realizing multi-cavity molds for closure caps. In addition, i-mold's portfolio comprises tunnel gate inserts and hot runner solutions made by Heatlock, as well as mold accessories and all-round services relating to injection molding.

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