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Low-emission remains low-emission: Tosaf optimizes carrier material for low-emission POM masterbatches

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With the new optimized masterbatches from Tosaf Color Service, the formaldehyde emission from POM components remains at a low level. © Tosaf

Karlstein/Germany, November 2020 – Tosaf Color Service’s color, functional and combination masterbatches for POM are now based on particularly low-emission carrier materials. In addition, the pigments have been optimally selected with regard to their effectiveness. As a result, the low emission data of the starting material – depending on the POM type – are almost fully retained, even after coloring and compounding. The new masterbatches thus help to ensure compliance with the strict specifications of the automotive industry for molded parts, and also with the requirements regarding personnel safety. The emission-optimized masterbatches are suitable for all POM grades. At the customer's request, ongoing applications can also be switched to the new technology. 

Tests carried out at an independent institute show the efficiency of the adopted measures, based on the example of a conventional, low-emission POM grade, to which a combination masterbatch was added. By switching from the conventional masterbatch to one with optimized color pigment and carrier material, the formaldehyde release was reduced from non-permitted 8.8 ppm to a very good rate of below 6 ppm.

Rudolf Reinhart, Product Manager at Tosaf Color Service, comments: "The carrier material used by us is an easy-flowing, low-emission POM grade from a leading global manufacturer. Customers who use our new masterbatches will always be on the safe side because the emission data from the base polymer are hardly affected." And Sales Manager Andreas Kruschinski adds: "With the consistently high batch-to-batch quality level of our masterbatches, and because of their ease of handling, our new low-emission grades are gaining a growing number of authorizations and are also registering the first series applications for car interiors. SCHAUENBURG Industrietechnik GmbH is one of our pilot customers in this area. In addition, we are experiencing growing demand in all typical POM applications in a wide variety of industries."

The portfolio of low-emission POM masterbatches offered by Tosaf Color Service ranges from grades in standard and customized colors through functional versions, e.g. with lubricants, UV or heat stabilizers, to combination grades with or without a color component. Typical applications beyond automotive interior/exterior parts and conveyor technology include components for office and entertainment electronics, as well as white goods including small and large kitchen devices. 

Tosaf Color Service is a pioneer in the field of masterbatches and has been developing innovative products and services in plastics coloring since 1970. Its broad range of products covers standard colors, additives and combination solutions that meet not only all kinds of customized color requirements but also satisfy the related functional challenges. Tosaf Color Service is a subsidiary company of Tosaf.

Tosaf, Alon Tavor/Israel, has been developing and producing high-quality additives, compounds and color masterbatches for the plastics industry for more than three decades. Through the continuous expansion of its product portfolio, its production capacities and its regional coverage, it has become a global, market-oriented organization. With more than 1,000 employees in production facilities, warehouses and sales offices distributed around the world, Tosaf now serves customers in more than 50 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East. 

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