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Brüggemann at K2022: Longer service life at high temperatures: “Best in Class” stabilisation of aliphatic polyamides

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At elevated continuous service temperatures BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1804 offers the most effective stabilisation of aliphatic polyamides. © Brüggemann

Heilbronn and Düsseldorf/Germany, October 19th, 2022 – BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1804 is a new, highly effective heat stabiliser from Brüggemann for use with aliphatic polyamides at continuous service temperatures between 160 °C and 190 °C. It complements BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1805, introduced at K 2019, which stabilises reinforced polyamides at temperatures above 200 °C. The masterbatch, supplied in granular form, can be dosed very precisely, and thus in a very targeted manner. 

As “best in class”, BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1804 significantly outperforms previously available copper salt-based stabilisers in terms of maintaining mechanical properties. For example, the tensile strength of a glass fibre reinforced PA6.6 with the addition of 5 % is still over 50 % of the initial value after 5,000 hours of heat ageing at 190 °C; the un-stabilised material barely reaches this limit at 1,000 hours. At 170 °C, thanks to its outstanding efficiency, even 2.4 % is sufficient to exceed the 5,000-hour mark. Thus, BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1804 is a product which, through its flexible dosing capability, allows moulded component service life to be adapted to expected thermal loads.

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