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31. August 2017

With advanced flexibility, low-temperature impact strength and heat deflection temperature, Hiflex CA 7600 A increases the scope of application for TPO

Plastics distributor Ultrapolymers (www.ultrapolymers.com) has extended its broad portfolio of PP-based TPOs (thermoplastic polyolefins) with Hiflex CA 7600 A from LyondellBasell, which is noted above all for its well-balanced property profile. In addition to the currently available TPOs produced...[more]

25. April 2016

Ultrapolymers adds TRIREX® polycarbonates from Samyang to its portfolio

Plastics distributor Ultrapolymers Deutschland (www.ultrapolymers.com) has extended its portfolio of engineering plastics by adding the standard TRIREX® polycarbonate grades from Samyang Corporation (www.samyangcorp.com). Their viscosities (MFI 300 °C, 1.2 kg) range from 34 g/10 min with the...[more]

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15. January 2013

New Aquafil polyamides with red phosphorus flame retardant

Two new Aquamid polyamide 66 grades containing halogen-free red phosphorus flame retardant have been added to the engineering plastics portfolio of Ultrapolymers Deutschland (www.ultrapolymers.de). They are produced by the Italian company Aquafil Engineering Plastics based in Arco...[more]

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15. October 2012

Ultrapolymers extends its portfolio with Terluran® ABS grades from Styrolution

Plastics distributor Ultrapolymers Deutschland GmbH (www.ultrapolymers.de) has extended its product portfolio with Terluran® ABS grades from Styrolution of Frankfurt am Main / Germany (www.styrolution.com). Terluran® GP-22 is an injection moulding grade with high resistance to impact and heat...[more]

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09. March 2010

New plastomer for direct processing or PP modification:
Koattro KT AR05 is soft and flexible

Augsburg, March 2010 - A recent addition to Ultrapolymers’ (www.ultrapolymers.de) portfolio of high performance polymers is LyondellBasell’s Koattro KT AR05 plastomer for direct processing or use as a modifying agent for polypropylene. Uncured and without the need for any plasticiser, this material...[more]

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