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20. September 2018

Tosaf’s new MT7636PE delivers matte effect on polyolefin films without additional converting process

MT7636PE is a newly developed matte additive from Tosaf to create thin (2 to 5 microns) skin layers on oriented and non-oriented polyolefin films, now including Polyethylene, combining superb haze (app. 80 %) with extremely low gloss ([more]

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17. April 2018

Introducing Tosaf’s new anti-fog masterbatch for PE - delivering excellent efficiency and superb transparency in packaging film.

Tosaf is proud to announce the launch of AF7380PE, a newly-developed anti-fog masterbatch. When packaged goods are stored in a refrigerator, water droplets tend to appear on the surface of the packaging film, obscuring the contents from view and seriously degrading overall product quality. To...[more]

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28. March 2018

Tosaf at NPE 2018: Custom-made masterbatch solutions for key industries

At NPE 2018, 7-11 May in Orlando/FL, USA, Tosaf, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of additives and colors for the plastics industry, will feature proven, custom-made solutions for four key industries including packaging, agriculture, home sports & leisure and building &...[more]

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07. April 2017

Tosaf‘s new white masterbatch boosts efficiency and reduces smoke and odour in extrusion coating

ME800047 is a newly developed white masterbatch from Tosaf for extrusion coating applications. Its increased heat stability significantly reduces smoke and odour when processed at high temperatures. Beyond, this new masterbatch contributes to a higher production efficiency compared to traditional...[more]

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22. September 2016

Tosaf at K2016: Tosaf’s additives deliver the packaging of tomorrow

Tosaf, a leading producer of packaging additives, creates the packaging of tomorrow with special additives, designed to improve the freshness of packed food, prolong the shelf life of sensitive products and minimize food waste.[more]

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