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27. February 2019

Recycled Mafill® PP now available in identical quality worldwide - Geiger Automotive opts to use it in European and US manufacturing operations

Zwingenberg/Germany, February 2019 -- Mafill® CR HT 5344 H is Ravago's first globally available recycled polypropylene grade to meet the same specifications – irrespective of whether it is produced from the starting materials regionally available in Europe or the USA. [more]

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13. December 2016

RESINEX Distributes Biocompatible Polystyrene from Trinseo for Medical Devices

RESINEX has recently added STYRON™ 2678 MED, a biocompatible polystyrene from Trinseo, to its portfolio of polymers. This general purpose injection molding grade has undergone testing based on ISO 10993 standards and is suitable for use in approved medical applications. It combines the versatility...[more]

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08. November 2016

RESINEX will become exclusive distributor in the European market for Selenis’ Specialty Co-Polyesters

Selenis and RESINEX are pleased to announce they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the European Market for the sales of Selenis’ specialty co-polyesters.[more]

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29. June 2016

For injection molding, extrusion and film blowing: RESINEX adds cost and time-saving Ramclean® purging agents from Polyram to its portfolio

Plastics and rubber distributor RESINEX has extended its portfolio Europe-wide with a range of highly effective Ramclean® purging agents developed by Polyram Plastic Industries. The products help plastics processors save time and money and are non-corrosive, non-abrasive and non-toxic. The...[more]

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07. March 2016

RESINEX extends range to include PLA for 3D printing

The European plastics and rubber distributor RESINEX can supply 3D printing filament manufacturers with a comprehensive range of thermoplastics capable of meeting the varied demands placed on the finished parts. This range now also includes specially developed and only recently launched Ingeo™...[more]

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