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30. October 2019

Corrugated tubing made of regenerated Polyamide for cable protection brings additional sustainability to the world of industrial robots

With its new cable protection tubing of 100 % regenerated polyamide 12, REIKU, one of the most innovative and diversified developers and manufacturers of high-quality cable protection systems for robotics and automation, is once again making its mark in matters of sustainability. The extended...[more]

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01. April 2019

50 years of REIKU: Successful international producer of cable protection systems celebrates its golden anniversary

In March 2019, REIKU GmbH celebrated its 50th anniversary. It was back in 1969 that company founder Hans Hennemann arranged for his firm to be entered in the commercial register. At that time, the company produced zip-on plastic sheathing products in the courtyard of a city house in Gummersbach to...[more]

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15. February 2018

Robotics and automation: Extended REIKU jointed tubing system can now be used even more universally and conveniently

REIKU has extended its proven jointed tubing cable protection system for robotics and automation. This means that this efficient alternative to corrugated conduits and energy chains is now available in nominal widths of 48 and 76, whereby the NW 48 joints can be also designed separably to improve...[more]

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01. June 2017

Easy-fit fastening solutions fix cable protection securely but gently to cobot arms

In day-to-day practice, cables and lines are often fastened in a somewhat makeshift manner with cable ties to the round, smooth arms of "cobots" (robots which collaborate with humans without additional protection). Two new REIKU multipurpose fastening systems designed for different load levels now...[more]

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10. February 2015

REIKU's bio-based corrugated cable protection tubing combines outstanding bending cycle resistance with environmental benefits

REIKU’s corrugated cable protection tubing made from renewably sourced plastic is an environmentally friendly alternative to products made from conventional oil-based materials, and also offers tangible advantages in application. Under dynamic flexural fatigue stress, which is typical for many...[more]

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