24. May 2018

Ettlinger at Plast 2018
Rich in tradition – now with even more power: the ERF 350

Ettlinger will take advantage of the upcoming Plast 2018, the international exhibition for the plastics and rubber industries in Milan from May 29 to June 1, to show its latest innovation: the ERF 350 continuous melt filter, which enables around 30% higher throughput than the predecessor ERF 250...[more]

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23. May 2018

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at Achema 2018: Greater flexibility and higher efficiency for conveying and manufacturing processes

At this year's Achema (in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, June 11-15, 2018, hall 5.0, booth D34), Coperion and Coperion K-Tron will be presenting innovative technology solutions for the process industry. Coperion is known as a pioneering supplier of continuous production equipment for a wide range of...[more]

17. May 2018

Upcycling in the extruder duo: Coperion extruders convert recyclate into quality compound

Twin screw extruders from Coperion GmbH in Stuttgart play a key role in the global manufacture of high-quality compounds. In addition to their global lead position they have acquired an excellent reputation in recent years in markets where such compounds are made from recycled plastics. Here the...[more]

17. May 2018

Metallographers at BMW rely on EcoMet polishing systems from Buehler

Buehler, an ITW Company and leading global manufacturer of high-performance consumables and equipment for materials testing, delivered six EcoMet 30 grinder-polishers to BMW Group's Materials and Process Analytics Technology department located at their Dingolfing plant. The new grinder-polisher...[more]

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14. May 2018

AGC Chemicals at Achema 2018: New Developments in corrosion-resistant coatings for vessels, tanks, hoses and pipes – New testing concept to evaluate fluoropolymer coatings

AGC Chemicals Europe, a leading manufacturer of fluoropolymers and the world’s largest producer of ETFE (ethylene tetrafluorethylene copolymer), is presenting current developments and applications of its comprehensive product range of Fluon® fluoropolymers and AFLAS® fluorinated elastomers at...[more]

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14. May 2018

Guardian Glass in Europe launches new Glass Analytics tool to replace the Guardian Configurator for improved glass performance analysis

Guardian Glass in Europe has introduced an enhancement to the company’s widely-used suite of web-based software tools, Glass Analytics, improving the ability of European users to demonstrate the advantages of high performance glass in building facades.[more]

07. May 2018

HRSflow at NPE2018: Side-mounted operating cylinder for hot runner needle valve nozzles facilitates maintenance and conversion to servo-electric drive systems

With its new side-mounted cylinder, Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow has developed a constructional solution in which the hydraulically or pneumatically driven operating cylinder for the needle valve nozzle is positioned on the outside of the mold. This configuration provides time and cost...[more]

07. May 2018

HRSflow at NPE2018: Visit our project partners to experience the FLEXflow technology live

At NPE 2018, on Stand W991, West Hall Level 2, Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow will show its FLEXflow technology comprising servo-electric valve gate solutions for automotive and non-automotive applications. Visitors to the show will have an opportunity to experience these innovative systems...[more]

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04. May 2018

New COMPEO compounder series opens up new horizons for BUSS Kneader technology

Pratteln, Switzerland, May 2018. The COMPEO series, which will premiere at NPE 2018 (West Hall Level 2 – Expo Hall – Booth W1963), is a major step forward for Buss AG's compounding technology. Put together from standardized modules, the series permits cost-effective configuration of specifically...[more]

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03. May 2018

FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® minimizes dust formation and increases energy efficiency of pneumatic conveying of pellets

Coperion’s newly developed FLUIDLIFT ecoblue® is a quality and efficiency-enhancing pneumatic conveying process for plastic pellets. Compared to conventional designs, the process generates much less dust and streamers, which improves the quality of the product and reduces waste. Its lower power...[more]

19. April 2018

Buehler at Control 2018: High efficiency in sample preparation and hardness testing

At the Control 2018 trade fair, Buehler ITW Test & Measurement will be showcasing newly developed and improved products for applications ranging from sample preparation to computer-controlled hardness measurement. Exhibit will include the EcoMet30 Grinder Polisher available in manual or...[more]

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18. April 2018

Ettlinger and Maag at the Plastics Recycling Show Europe: High performance melt filters and pelletizers

Ettlinger, a member of the worldwide Maag Group since 2018, will show the next-generation ERF350 as an ultra-high performance model in this melt filter series at the upcoming prs 2018, the dedicated exhibition and conference for plastics recycling in mainland Europe on April 24 and 25 in Amsterdam...[more]

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17. April 2018

Introducing Tosaf’s new anti-fog masterbatch for PE - delivering excellent efficiency and superb transparency in packaging film.

Tosaf is proud to announce the launch of AF7380PE, a newly-developed anti-fog masterbatch. When packaged goods are stored in a refrigerator, water droplets tend to appear on the surface of the packaging film, obscuring the contents from view and seriously degrading overall product quality. To...[more]

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28. March 2018

Ettlinger makes its debut at Chinaplas 2018: New high performance melt filters, local sales subsidiary, incorporation into the global Maag organization

Ettlinger, a member of the worldwide Maag Group since 2018, will soon be making its debut as an exhibitor at Chinaplas, with the ERF350 – the newest model in the ERF series – as the centerpiece. This filter enables almost 30% higher throughput than its predecessor, the proven ERF250, when filtering...[more]

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28. March 2018

Tosaf at NPE 2018: Custom-made masterbatch solutions for key industries

At NPE 2018, 7-11 May in Orlando/FL, USA, Tosaf, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of additives and colors for the plastics industry, will feature proven, custom-made solutions for four key industries including packaging, agriculture, home sports & leisure and building &...[more]

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27. March 2018

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at Chinaplas 2018

Chinaplas 2018: Coperion Smart Compounding Lines for the Asian Market[more]

22. March 2018

Treatment of contaminated industrial plastic waste: Ettlinger melt filters improve product quality and cost efficiency at Candi Plastic Recycling

For the past three years an ERF 200 filter built by Ettlinger of Königsbrunn (Bavaria, Germany), installed at Candi Plastic Recycling, an Austrian materials recycler, has been producing high quality regrind nonstop from contaminated plastic waste with high aluminum or paper fractions. The very high...[more]

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22. March 2018

RIGK at IFAT 2018: silver jubilee, international consulting, multinational outlook spanning many kinds of packaging materials

Under the slogan "Sustainability in action", RIGK is focusing its presence at IFAT 2018, which will take place from 14 to 18 May in Munich, on reporting its 25 years of successfully living out the circular economy and cross-sector cooperation with representatives of other organisations, for example...[more]

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15. March 2018

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at NPE 2018

Smart Solutions for Plastics Compounding[more]