18. January 2010

New underwater pelletizing system for PP; two-stage ZSK NT for bimodal HDPE
Coperion: Successful high-capacity compounding of polyolefins

Stuttgart, January 2010. – With several recently supplied and installed high-capacity compounding lines, both the latest UG underwater pelletizing systems from Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany, and this company’s concept of two-stage PE compounding with the ZSK NT have more than proved themselves...[more]

18. November 2009

Extended Purell Portfolio allows tailor-made solutions for pharmacy and healthcare products

Augsburg, November 2009 - Ultrapolymers (www.ultrapolymers.de) continues to extend its portfolio of LyondellBasell’s Purell PE, PP and metocene PP grades, which are tailored to pharmacy and healthcare applications. This step underlines the plastics distributor’s commitment to its role as an...[more]

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16. November 2009

Heating-/cooling-mixers with unsurpassed cost efficiency
MTI ECO-line makes dryblend production eminently economical

Detmold/Germany, November 2009 - The heating-/cooling-mixer-combinations of the latest MTI ECO-line from MTI Mischtechnik International GmbH, Detmold, (www.mti-mixer.de) combine high mixing performance with minimal energy consumption at an attractive price, supporting the plastics processing and...[more]

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05. November 2009

Innovative two-stage compounding system for unmatched product purity
Peroxide cross-linkable polyethylene (XLPE) for high-voltage power cables

Pratteln, Switzerland, November 2009. – For compounding peroxide cross-linkable polyethylene (XLPE) as insulation for high-voltage power cables, the Swiss company Buss AG, Pratteln, has developed an innovative processing system and the operational know-how required. Due to extreme demands on the...[more]

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20. July 2009

Fast color control saves the compounder time and money
Direct on-line scanning of pellets

Stuttgart, July 2009. – A color control system equipped with a high-precision spectral line camera permits – for the first time ever – the on-line color control directly at the plastic pellets. With this innovative technology, color measurement takes only a few minutes and the results are...[more]

25. June 2009

BUSS at the NPE in Chicago
quantec®: rigid PVC compounds with up to 100 phr fillers

Pratteln (Switzerland), June 2009. – Swiss manufacturer Buss AG, Pratteln, has set yet another benchmark with its 4-flight quantec® Kneader. Among other advances, rigid PVC compounding with up to 100 phr fillers is now possible on this machine. The key engineering and technological innovations are: [more]

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16. June 2009

Coperion delivers Twin-Screw Extruders to the new DSM compounding facility in India

DSM’s new compounding facility in Ranjangeon/India, situated not far from the city of Pune, has now been equipped with ZSK MEGAcompounder PLUS compounding extruders from Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart.[more]

28. May 2009

Coperion supplies standardized filters and separators

The Service Competence Center of Coperion GmbH, Weingarten/Germany, now supplies its filters and separators, produced at its own premises, as individual units for use in industrial pneumatic systems and for a great many other areas of application.[more]

12. May 2009

Safety filter now with integrated moisture separator

“No two filters are alike – but always just as the customer needs them!” – this is the motto under which Coperion GmbH will be presenting its extended range of filters for pneumatic and materials handling systems on its exhibition stand F2-G4 in Hall 4 at Achema in Frankfurt/Main from 11th to 15th...[more]

11. May 2009

BUSS at the NPE 2009, Chicago
MX Kneader for High-Fill Compounds

Pratteln (Switzerland), May 2009 – The new four-flight BUSS MX Kneader made in Switzerland by Buss AG, Pratteln, has proven highly successful in compounding applications ranging far beyond the original goal of HFFR cable compounds. BUSS has therefore expanded its applications to cover practically...[more]

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31. March 2009

Coperion offers ZSK twin-screw extruder for the continuous melt extrusion of pharmaceutical products

With the special pharma design of its ZSK twin-screw extruders, Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany, counts among the pioneers in the development of continuous melt extrusion for the pharmaceutical industry.[more]

02. March 2009

IT- assisted bulk material management for the entire logistics chain in the petrochemical industry

The Materials Handling Competence Center of Coperion GmbH, formerly Coperion Waeschle, has signed a mutually exclusive cooperation agreement with inconso AG, Bad Nauheim, Germany.[more]

28. January 2009

Coperion Open House in Stuttgart on 28th and 29th January 2009

- Four years' success with the ZSK MEGAcompounder PLUS - New developments for greater reliability in operation when compounding at high output rates - Turnkey compounding lines in modular design – from one single supplier [more]

08. September 2008

Multicavity moulds now easier to handle
Sprue adjuster makes runner systems flexible

Brensbach, September 2008. – With an in the truest sense of the word direction-giving innovation, the firm of i-mold GmbH & Co. KG, Brensbach/Germany, has now made the operation of multicavity and family moulds considerably easier: the world's first of its kind, this new development – a sprue...[more]

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06. August 2008

Anode paste compounding for aluminium production
BUSS: CP Kneaders all-inclusive again

Pratteln, Switzerland, August 2008. – As of August 1 this year, Buss AG not only develops and manufactures large CP Kneaders – for compounding anode paste used in aluminium production – but also markets and services them directly again. Buss had some very good strategic reasons for reassuming CP...[more]

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30. May 2008

Anode paste compounding for aluminium production
BUSS CP Kneaders: single-source again

Pratteln, Switzerland, June 2008. – As of August 1, 2008 year Buss AG of Pratteln, Switzerland will be marketing its large CP Kneaders again. That is when a ten-year marketing agreement with Buss ChemTech AG in Pratteln ends.[more]

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05. May 2008

LATI: New ultra-stiff compounds for demanding applications

Wiesbaden, May 2008 – Italian compounding specialist LATI Industria Termoplastici SpA, Vedano Olona, presents a new family of carbon fibre reinforced, ultra-stiff polymers. The high performance base polymers include polyamide (PA), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyphthalamide (PPA) and polyether...[more]

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31. March 2008

LATI expands its range of specialist metal substitution products - Polymers replace brass fittings for sanitary, heating and plumbing applications

Wiesbaden, March 2008 – Italian compounding specialist LATI Industria Termoplastici SpA, Vedano Olona, is expanding its portfolio of metal substitution products with new grades for its LATAMID, LATIGLOSS, LARAMID and LARTON ranges. Due to their excellent mechanical properties they are suitable for...[more]

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18. December 2007

Invisible gating of miniature parts - New range of mini tunnel gate inserts

Brensbach, November 2007. – What must be the smallest tunnel gate inserts ever to have been manufactured will be making their début at Euromold (Frankfurt/Main from 5th to 8th December 2007). Developed and manufactured by i-mold GmbH & Co. KG, Brensbach/Germany, these tunnel gate inserts are used...[more]

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