20. January 2011

New infrared masterbatches help optimize plant growth in cooler regions

Afula/Israel, January 2011. New IR masterbatches by Tosaf (www.tosaf.com) allow production of greenhouse films that are optimized for cooler regions such as Northern Europe. On the one hand, these films retain their high transparency and thus their ability to transmit sunlight almost directly to...[more]

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10. January 2011

Despite considerable increase in transportation costs: Fees for RIGK customers decrease or remain constant

Wiesbaden, January 2011 – The customers of RIGK GmbH/Germany can look forward to constant or even decreasing fees for 2011, depending on the plastic packaging to be returned and recovered. Accordingly, fees for 2011 have been reduced by 10 Euros per tonne for PE and PP plastic sheet sacks, as...[more]

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09. December 2010

New, highly efficient antifog masterbatches for food packaging films

Afula/Israel, December 2010. Tosaf (www.tosaf.com) presents newly developed, highly efficient antifog masterbatches for transparent polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) food packaging films.[more]

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07. December 2010

FKUR and SYNBRA moving on to enhanced PLA compouds

FKuR and Synbra realise the opportunities of the new PLA generation: GMO free and heat resistant. After first concluding highly promising development work FKuR has started systematic tests with Synbra’s second generation PLA produced from non-genetically modified carbohydrates. The PLA...[more]

10. November 2010

FKuR strengthens its management team

Bioplastics specialist FKuR Kunststoff GmbH has announced a new member in its management team. With effect from October 1st 2010 Mrs. Carmen Michels has strengthened the team and assumed responsibility for Technology and Production. She will reinforce the current management board of Dr.-Ing. Edmund...[more]

04. November 2010

New flame-retardant masterbatches for polypropylene pipes and polycarbonate sheets

Afula/Israel, November 2010. At K 2010, Tosaf (www.tosaf.com) presented an extended portfolio of flame-retardant masterbatches for the extrusion of polypropylene (PP) pipes and polycarbonate (PC) sheets.[more]

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01. November 2010

ELMET at K 2010:
New Dosing Systems Boost Cost-Efficiency in Liquid Silicone Rubber Processing

Oftering/Austria, November 2010 - At the K 2010 trade fair, ELMET (www.elmet.com) focuses on its role as an internationally active full-system supplier for the entire field of liquid injection moulding (LIM) of two-component liquid silicone rubbers (LSR). In the related field of multi-component...[more]

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29. October 2010

Coperion emerges successfully from economic crisis with new repositioning strategy

Stuttgart, October 29, 2010 – At the last International Plastics Fair in Düsseldorf – K 2007 – Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany, had been able to present its best ever report on incoming orders and sales and was looking to the future with great confidence, for nobody had at that time foreseen the...[more]

29. October 2010

ZSK Mc18 – Next generation of compounding extruders

Stuttgart, October 29, 2010. – The next generation of the ZSK twin screw extruders by Coperion GmbH (formerly Werner & Pfleiderer), Stuttgart/Germany, is making its world public debut at the K 2010 in Duesseldorf (October 27 to November 3, 2010). The new ZSK Mc18 features a 30 % increase in...[more]

29. October 2010

Turnkey plants as a strategic aim: 3D simulation of a turnkey compounding line

Weingarten, October 29, 2010 – Coperion GmbH has set itself the strategic aim of strengthening its position in the market for complete turnkey plants for the plastics industry. Its two Competence Centers – Materials Handling and Compounding & Extrusion – together constitute a unique concentration...[more]

29. October 2010

Polyolefin extruders: increased torque and new model ZSK 420

Stuttgart, October 29, 2010. – At K 2010 in Duesseldorf (October 27 to November 3, 2010) Coperion GmbH (formerly Werner & Pfleiderer), Stuttgart/Germany, will be featuring two further developments of its high capacity extruders for the compounding of polyolefins. The specific torque of the ZSK...[more]

29. October 2010

Preventive wear diagnosis guarantees constant product quality

Stuttgart, October 29, 2010 – Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart/Germany, is presenting its new COBRA LG wear diagnosis system at K 2010 (Duesseldorf, October 27 to November 3, 2010). With this new system it is possible to obtain rapid, comprehensive and relevant information on the actual state of wear of...[more]

29. October 2010

RotorCheck protects both rotary valve and product

Weingarten, October 29, 2010 – Coperion GmbH is presenting its RotorCheck system, which patent is applied for at K 2010 (Duesseldorf, October 27 to November 3, 2010). As a demonstration model on Coperion’s exhibition stand B33 in Hall 14 shows, the RotorCheck system is based on a monitoring device...[more]

29. October 2010

Separators now accommodate plastics processors’ needs

Weingarten, October 29, 2010 – – At this year’s International Plastics Fair in Duesseldorf (K 2010, October 27 to November 3, 2010) Coperion GmbH will be presenting its extended range of separators and elutriators for the cleaning and dedusting of bulk materials. As one of the exhibits, the newly...[more]

25. October 2010

MTI Mischtechnik at K 2010: New mixing systems offer huge energy-saving potential

Detmold / Germany, October 2010 - With its MTI Eco®-line heating-/cooling mixer combination and the radically new Cool tec cooling mixer, MTI Mischtechnik (www.mti-mixer.de) puts the focus of its K 2010 trade show presentation on two forward-looking machine series. Both systems are designed for...[more]

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21. October 2010

K 2010: FKuR presents new bioplastics for film and injection moulding applications

Coinciding with the opportunity of K 2010, bioplastics manufacturer FKuR Kunststoff GmbH has extended its product range to include more innovative products. These will be presented at the show in hall 6, booth B66.[more]

07. October 2010

Tosaf at K 2010:
New additive masterbatches for packaging and agricultural applications

Afula/Israel, October 2010. At K 2010 in DĂĽsseldorf/Germany Tosaf (www.tosaf.com, Hall 8A, Stand D01) will be presenting an extended portfolio of functional masterbatches for a broad range of applications. They include particularly efficient antifog-masterbatches for highly transparent polyethylene...[more]

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04. October 2010

BUSS at the K 2010: Celebrating four-flight technology
BUSS Kneaders MX set new throughput records

Pratteln (Switzerland), October 2010 – BUSS four-flight Kneaders MX are setting new throughput benchmarks for compounding heat and shear sensitive plastics. The remarkable progress of these machines since market launch at the K 2007 is now exemplified by three compounding lines for various...[more]

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29. September 2010

Tosaf starts 50,000 tons production plant for tailor-made plastic compounds

Afula/Israel, September 2010 - Tosaf (www.tosaf.com), a leading international manufacturer of high quality compounds, color and additive masterbatches for the plastics industry, has recently completed the start-up of a new compounding plant in Afula/Israel. With an annual production capacity of...[more]

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15. September 2010

Sustainable Compounding of Biodegradable Materials
Turnkey Plant for Biodegradable Plastics Compounding

Stuttgart, September 2010. – The first compounding plant for biodegradable plastics in Portugal underlines the expertise of Coperion GmbH, formerly Werner & Pfleiderer, in biodegradable material processing systems. The extrusion line is being operated by the Portuguese compounding company Cabopol,...[more]