07. September 2016

Ettlinger at K 2016:
Efficient filtering of melts and energy-saving injection molding of large parts

Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH (www.ettlinger.com) will be using this year's K 2016 trade fair to showcase an enhanced range of high-efficiency melt filters, and itself as a manufacturer of injection molding machines designed to produce very large moldings. [more]

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30. August 2016

Ultrasonic welding for complex applications: Rinco Ultrasonics presents new generator module for OEM applications

At this year's "K" from October 19 - 26 in DĂĽsseldorf, Rinco Ultrasonics AG will present its 40 years of expertise and innovation in ultrasonic welding technology. Founded in 1976, the company has grown to become a respected supplier of full-range systems and components and also as an integration...[more]

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25. August 2016

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at K 2016: Compounding, feeding and handling plastics with even greater precision and efficiency

At K 2016, Coperion will present a variety of new developments at stand B19 in hall 14. High-performance compounding extruders, pelletizers for polyolefin production, bulk material handling plants and systems for high-efficiency bulk material packaging are the company's latest focal areas....[more]

04. August 2016

Resource conservation with Bio-Flex® FX: New blends allow for considerable reduction in thickness for compostable films

Willich/Germany, August 2016 – The Bioplastic specialist FKuR has developed a new technology for the production of compounds which can be processed into flexible packaging films with particularly low thickness and, at the same time, high puncture resistance. With Bio-Flex® FX 1120 and Bio-Flex® FX...[more]

04. August 2016

BrĂĽggemannChemical at K 2016: New additives for polyamide compounders, producers of cast polyamides and the rubber industry
Innovations improve user benefits and cost efficiency

At K 2016, BrĂĽggemannChemical will showcase its latest developments in the field of additives. They are intended not only to extend the range of applications but also to contribute to greater cost efficiency during plastics conversion. Polyamide compounders will benefit from a new copper complex...[more]

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26. July 2016

HRSflow at K 2016 – Hall 1, Stand B08:
High-performance hot runner solutions – versatility for high-grade applications

At this year's K show, Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow will focus its presentation both on hot runner solutions tailored to the injection molding of complex, large-format parts with multiple gating in the mold and on systems for multi-cavity applications. Practical examples will feature the...[more]

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19. July 2016

Markedly improved product and production safety:
Twin screw extruder ZSK Mv PLUS in a new hygienic design

In order to fulfill food manufacturers’ increasingly stringent health and safety stipulations, Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany has completely revised its ZSK Mv PLUS twin screw extruder and given it an innovative machine design. It meets the highest standards of hygiene and represents an...[more]

07. July 2016

Launching Vent tec® 2.0 as a world first:
High-performance mixer aspiration ensures constant process conditions

With the launch of Vent tec® 2.0, MTI Mischtechnik (www.mti-mixer.de) presents a new generation of its proven high-performance aspiration systems for heating/cooling mixer combinations. Unlike conventional solutions, these devices are the first ever to control their operation autonomously as a...[more]

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29. June 2016

For injection molding, extrusion and film blowing: RESINEX adds cost and time-saving Ramclean® purging agents from Polyram to its portfolio

Plastics and rubber distributor RESINEX has extended its portfolio Europe-wide with a range of highly effective Ramclean® purging agents developed by Polyram Plastic Industries. The products help plastics processors save time and money and are non-corrosive, non-abrasive and non-toxic. The...[more]

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29. June 2016

Decisive advantages with high shot weights
Sewer manhole systems manufactured on large Ettlinger machines

An injection molding machine for large moldings was recently shipped by Ettlinger to a leading European plastics converter: an srm 2500/120 with a clamping force of 25,000 kN and a maximum shot volume of 120 liters. The machine is used to manufacture components for accessible sewer manholes up to...[more]

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29. June 2016

New Wilson® DiaMet™ Software Raises Hardness Testing to an Unsurpassed Level of Convenience Worldwide

With a new, extensively upgraded version of its DiaMet™ software, Buehler – ITW Test & Measurement GmbH (www.buehler.com) is now offering an internationally consistent and even more user-friendly solution for its Wilson® hardness testing systems. Designed for operation by mouse or touchscreen, the...[more]

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22. June 2016

New packaging lines for SABIC in Pontirolo/Italy

Based on many years of cooperation between SABIC and Coperion in plastic compounding – specifically material handling and extrusion – SABIC has decided to install six Coperion packaging lines and a common palletizing island at their plant in Pontirolo/Italy.[more]

14. June 2016

Patent for 5A Kneading Blocks successfully defended

Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany, has successfully defended the European patent protecting its ZSK series twin screw extruder with 5A kneading blocks in the final instance before the Board of Appeals responsible at the European Patent Office. 5A kneading blocks are used in many of the...[more]

09. June 2016

New Additive Masterbatches from Tosaf Increase Flame Retardancy and IR Selectivity of Polycarbonate

Tosaf (www.tosaf.com) has added to its portfolio two new masterbatches which have been developed to modify polycarbonate (PC) for applications such as multi-wall and solid sheets for construction and other applications. FR7607PC increases flame retardancy even at low sheet gauges, whilst IR5980PC...[more]

30. May 2016

New Wilson® Micro Hardness Testers Provide High Ease of Operation and Accelerate Workflow in Test Labs and Industry

Wilson® VH1102 and VH1202 are two new universal hardness testers from Buehler – ITW Test & Measurement GmbH (www.buehler.com), offering a cost-efficient and reliable solution for Knoop and Vickers micro-hardness testing in accordance with ISO 6507, 9385 and 4546 or ASTM E384 and E92. The...[more]

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11. May 2016

Coperion delivers compounding plants to BASF in South Korea

Stuttgart, May 2016 – In the past decade, Coperion GmbH in Stuttgart has delivered, installed and launched several compounding plants for BASF to manufacture engineering plastics. For a new compounding plant in South Korea, BASF relied once again on Coperion’s expertise; in September of 2015, the...[more]

28. April 2016

Thinner and lighter – Cascade hot runner system for the series production of large car headlight lenses

FLEXflow, the finely regulated servo-driven valve gate system from HRSflow, now makes it possible to carry out the series production of large-format car headlight lenses by cascade injection molding. Compared with the present standard process, it enables the part weight to be significantly reduced...[more]

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26. April 2016

Buehler at Control 2016: New SimpliMet™ 4000 Mounting Press Shortens Cycle Times and Increases Reliability in the Preparation of Metallographic Samples

SimpliMet™ 4000 is a new mounting press developed by Buehler – ITW Test & Measurement GmbH (www.buehler.com) for speedy and reliable hot compression mounting of up to two metallographic samples at a time, measuring from 25 mm up to 50 mm in diameter, making it ideal for demanding industrial...[more]

25. April 2016

Ultrapolymers adds TRIREX® polycarbonates from Samyang to its portfolio

Plastics distributor Ultrapolymers Deutschland (www.ultrapolymers.com) has extended its portfolio of engineering plastics by adding the standard TRIREX® polycarbonate grades from Samyang Corporation (www.samyangcorp.com). Their viscosities (MFI 300 °C, 1.2 kg) range from 34 g/10 min with the...[more]

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21. April 2016

Buehler Consolidates European Metallography and Hardness Testing Business in Esslingen/Germany

Buehler ITW Test & Measurement (http://www.buehler.com), a leading manufacturer of equipment, consumables and accessories for metallography and hardness testing, has combined its business sectors Metallography, formerly based in DĂĽsseldorf/Germany, and Hardness Testing, still widely known under its...[more]

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