15. November 2016

Rinco Ultrasonics: 40 years as an internationally acknowledged specialist in ultrasonic welding

Since 40 years the Swiss company Rinco Ultrasonics AG produces innovative ultrasonic welding technology. During this time, the company has grown to become a worldwide respected specialist in this sector and a competent integration consultant for its customers. With full-range systems and components...[more]

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14. November 2016

Individually controlled demolding of five internal threads proceeds quickly and gently with high precision

Servoelectric unscrewing devices developed by Servomold and distributed by its sister company, i-mold, provide precision-controlled and gentle demolding of threads in injection-molded parts. No less than five such systems were combined by the Krallmann Group of Hiddenhausen in a mould used by Festo...[more]

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09. November 2016

New UG 750W underwater pelletizer offers increased wear protection in medium capacity segment

At K 2016, Coperion introduced the die plate of the new UG 750W underwater pelletizer. Designed for producing polyolefins and capable of achieving throughputs of 60 to 70 t/h, the new pelletizer covers the medium capacity range. The pelletizer's large die plate will be manufactured from a newly...[more]

08. November 2016

RESINEX will become exclusive distributor in the European market for Selenis’ Specialty Co-Polyesters

Selenis and RESINEX are pleased to announce they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the European Market for the sales of Selenis’ specialty co-polyesters.[more]

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27. October 2016

Grand Opening in DĂĽsseldorf: Buehler Inaugurates Materialography Solutions Center

Buehler – ITW Test & Measurement GmbH (www.buehler.com) recently opened its new Solutions Center in the Düsseldorf Chamber of Handicrafts building. This spacious laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge technology for preparing materialographic samples as well as with Buehler's latest hardness...[more]

19. October 2016

HRSflow at K 2016 – Hall 1, Booth B08:
Highlight: Family mold for the production of high-quality, chrome-plateable parts in one shot with FLEXflow

At the upcoming K 2016 trade show in Düsseldorf, one of the highlights on the stand of the Italian hot runner specialist HRSflow will be a live demonstration of the FLEXflow technology – the servo-driven, finely programmable valve gate system for hot runner systems. In cooperation with machine and...[more]

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19. October 2016

Mixing 4.0 – New revolutionary concept by MTI Mischtechnik
MTI C tec PRO provides batch mixing without downtimes

C tec PRO is an all newly developed, fully automatic container mixer system launched by MTI Mischtechnik. Unlike all previous machines designed for this kind of task, it imposes no idle time for cleaning in the event of a recipe switch. For each new batch, the new MTI C tec PRO changes the relevant...[more]

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19. October 2016

Rinco Ultrasonics: AGM Pro ultrasonic generator for automated welding processes

Rinco Ultrasonics AG, an ultrasonic welding specialist, will premiere the new AGM Pro ultrasonic generator at K 2016 from 19 to 26 October in DĂĽsseldorf. This new ultrasonic generator is designed to be built into automation lines and special purpose machines for controlling components. The digital,...[more]

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19. October 2016

BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1606 significantly extends the long-term service life of polyamides under heat

BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1606 is a new copper complex-based heat stabilizer from BrüggemannChemical (www.brueggemann.com) with low halogen content, which allows a significant increase in the long-term service life under heat compared with conventional blends of sterically hindered phenols and phosphites....[more]

17. October 2016

New developments for high-accuracy feeding and conveying

At K 2016, Coperion K-Tron will present a variety of new developments at stand B19 in hall 14. The new Electronic Pressure Compensation (EPC) system will be shown as well as a modified version of the Smart Flow Meter, which provides high accuracy feeding at high feed rates. The K-Vision line...[more]

13. October 2016

Gentle dilute-phase conveying of plastic pellets

Coperion GmbH, Weingarten/Germany, will be presenting its latest developments for gentle material conveying at its booth B19, Hall 14 at the K 2016. For the first time Coperion will be presenting the newly developed deflector elbow GAMMA-BEND NT, which prevents the formation of angel hair. In...[more]

11. October 2016

Revised compact version of the ZSK Mc18 twin screw extruder

Stuttgart, October 2016 - At this year's K 2016 trade fair (October 19 - 26, 2016, DĂĽsseldorf, Germany), Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart will be presenting a revised compact version of its successful ZSK Mc18 series. Six years after the initial launch of the series, which is characterized by its specific...[more]

27. September 2016

Coperion exhibits Intelligent FFS Packaging Machine ITL 250 at K 2016 in Duesseldorf

Coperion introduces the latest developments in its bagging and palletizing portfolio at K 2016 at its booth B19 in hall 14. Visitors will be able to see the completely re-designed FFS packaging machine ITL 250...[more]

27. September 2016

ELMET at K 2016:
New TOP 5000 P dosing system increases convenience and reliability in the injection molding of LSR

At K 2016, ELMET (www.elmet.com) – an international systems supplier for the injection molding of two-component liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) – will present for the first time its new TOP 5000 P multi-component dosing system. Among the new features that distinguish it from its present sister model,...[more]

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22. September 2016

Tosaf at K2016: Tosaf’s additives deliver the packaging of tomorrow

Tosaf, a leading producer of packaging additives, creates the packaging of tomorrow with special additives, designed to improve the freshness of packed food, prolong the shelf life of sensitive products and minimize food waste.[more]

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21. September 2016

STS Mc11 twin screw extruder designed for masterbatch production

To make handling even easier, Coperion GmbH, Stuttgart, is presenting an STS Mc11 extruder especially designed for masterbatch production at K 2016. The STS Mc11 twin screw extruder features a specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cmÂł and features a series of improvements including a new manifold with coaxial...[more]

16. September 2016

ELMET at K 2016:
ELMET will demonstrate its new high-speed dosing systems and sophisticated mold technology for liquid silicone injection molding

At K 2016, ELMET (www.elmet.com) will not only showcase on four different stands its new products for the injection molding of two-component liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) but will also demonstrate live a number of applications for its systems, with the machines up and running. One of the highlight...[more]

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14. September 2016

Chemours to Unveil New Lower GWP Refrigerants at Chillventa 2016
New Offerings Provide Optimal Balance of Properties for New Equipment Designs

The Chemours Company (Chemours) (NYSE: CC), a global chemistry company with leading market positions in titanium technologies, fluoroproducts and chemical solutions, plans to showcase its expanding portfolio of low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant solutions at the 2016 Chillventa...[more]

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12. September 2016

New high performance granulator for single-stage granulation of start-up lumps, pipes and sheets

Hellweg Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG presents at K 2016 its new high performance granulator MDSG 1000/600 BR (“BR” stands for “Brocken”, the German word for lumps), which works on the peeling cutting principle and has been constructed for single-stage shredding and granulation of solid start-up...[more]

07. September 2016

Ettlinger at K 2016:
Efficient filtering of melts and energy-saving injection molding of large parts

Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH (www.ettlinger.com) will be using this year's K 2016 trade fair to showcase an enhanced range of high-efficiency melt filters, and itself as a manufacturer of injection molding machines designed to produce very large moldings. [more]

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