21. January 2020

Coperion ZSK Food Extruder for Plant Based Proteins Now in Hybrid Design

For its ZSK Food Extruder, Coperion has developed a hybrid solution for manufacturing meat substitute products. With only a minimum of retrofitting effort, both texturized vegetable protein (TVP) and high moisture meat analogues (HMMA) can be produced on this ZSK Food Extruder, providing...[more]

16. January 2020

First COMPEO compounding system for color masterbatch in operation

Only announced to the plastics industry in the run-up to K2019, a COMPEO 88 compounder from BUSS is already in industrial use. The first user is a multinational masterbatch manufacturer, which has been producing color masterbatches with this system since late October 2019. BUSS's technical center...[more]

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15. January 2020

Metallographers of Robert Röntgen Rely on Sample Preparation Systems from Buehler
PlanarMet 300 planar grinder and EcoMet AutoMet 300 grinder-polisher offer significant savings in time and consumables

Robert Röntgen GmbH & Co. KG one of the internationally leading manufacturers of saw bands and saw blades for metal cutting, based in Remscheid, Germany, are using a PlanarMet 300 planar grinder in combination with an EcoMet AutoMet 300 grinder-polisher from Buehler for time and cost efficient...[more]

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08. January 2020

A new generation of stabilizers for high-quality polyolefin recyclates: Fraunhofer LBF and BrĂĽggemann cooperate

BrĂĽggemann and Fraunhofer LBF have joined forces to successfully tackle one of the seemingly insurmountable problems of plastics recycling. During their lifetime, plastic articles are subjected to thermal oxidation and photo-oxidation, which can create enough damage to prevent them from being...[more]

18. December 2019

plastship 2.0 closes the loop for recycled plastics

Waldems, December 2019 - - A joint approach gets the best out of plastics recycling and needs to be transparent if use of recycled materials is to increase. About that, everyone was in agreement at the International Recycling Forum in Wiesbaden. 120 delegates from 22 countries representing...[more]

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10. December 2019

Cooperation is the only option in the circular economy

Peter Sundt, General Secretary of EPRO, the European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations, sums it up when he says that he sees international cooperation as being key to the success of recycling. "Dialogue within the sector is vital. This event is a demonstration of...[more]

05. December 2019

Complete lab solutions for metallography and hardness testing from scratch in just a few weeks

As a developer and manufacturer of complete system solutions for materialography and hardness testing, Buehler can meet short delivery times for the installation of fully equipped laboratories with perfectly matched equipment and consumables. The company is thus responding to the growing demand for...[more]

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25. November 2019

Upcycling from polyamide waste to high quality injection molding grades

When recycling polyamides, Brüggemann's BRUGGOLEN® M series of reactive chain modifiers allow precise and reproducible adjustment of relative viscosities, by either lengthening excessively short chains or shortening those which are too long. Producers can use small amounts of these modifiers to...[more]

30. October 2019

Corrugated tubing made of regenerated Polyamide for cable protection brings additional sustainability to the world of industrial robots

With its new cable protection tubing of 100 % regenerated polyamide 12, REIKU, one of the most innovative and diversified developers and manufacturers of high-quality cable protection systems for robotics and automation, is once again making its mark in matters of sustainability. The extended...[more]

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16. October 2019

BrĂĽggemann at K2019: New heat stabilizers overcome performance limits of polyamides

BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1607 and BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1805 are additions to Brüggemann's extensive additive portfolio for polyamides. These newly developed antioxidant blends allow polyamide materials to exceed current performance limits and offer exciting opportunities for the compounding industry.[more]

15. October 2019

Brüggemann at K2019: Phenolic Plus BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1803 bridges the price-performance gap between conventional phenolic/phosphite and copper based heat stabilizers

Brüggemann's Phenolic Plus BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1803 is a new heat stabilizer for polyamides designed to outperform conventional phenolic/phosphite based stabilizers i.e. blends of sterically hindered phenolic antioxidants with organic phosphites. BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1803 bridges the price-performance gap...[more]

16. October 2019

BrĂĽggemann at K2019: New flow enhancer for semi-aromatic polyamides

At K2019 Brüggemann will introduce BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1810, the first flow enhancer for semi-aromatic polyamides. This product joins BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1507, which is already used worldwide for aliphatic polyamides such as PA6, PA6.6 and PA12. As a result, Brüggemann now offers flow enhancers for the...[more]

14. October 2019

Best Paper Award 2018: Buehler honors top publications on metallography

On the occasion of the 53rd Metallographie-Tagung, organized by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fĂĽr Materialkunde eV at the MaterialWoche in Dresden from 18 to 20 September 2019, Buehler ITW Test & Measurement presented the Best Paper Awards of 2018, recognizing the three best papers from the journal...[more]

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10. October 2019

HRSflow at K Show: State-of-the-art hot runner solutions to be presented live at partner sites

At K 2019, which takes place from 16 to 23 October in Düsseldorf, challenging state-of-the-art applications of HRSflow’s FLEXflow hot runner technology will be presented at several booths of partnering machine producers. Some of these will use the company’s FLEXflow One electrically driven valve...[more]

10. October 2019

Hellweg at K2019: Granulators with new digital control system

At K 2019, Hellweg will be showing its granulators with their new digital Smart Control system. This enables networked communication of the machines with upstream and downstream components, as well as with operators, in line with Industry 4.0 “Internet of the Things” (IoT) principles. The new...[more]

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10. October 2019

MTI at K2019: Efficient dehumidification and mixing for the production of natural fiber compounds

Detmold, Germany, October 2019 – At the K2019 trade show staged in Dusseldorf, Germany from October 16 - 23, 2019, MTI Mischtechnik, a technology and quality leader in the manufacture of mixing and processing machines, will present its current portfolio of container-type, vertical, horizontal,...[more]

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07. October 2019

Coperion and Coperion K-Tron at K 2019: Documentable and safe: ADD-A-LOT Multi-Ingredient Handling System automates Premix Manufacturing

At K 2019 (16-23 October 2019 in Dusseldorf), Coperion will present the new ADD-A-LOT multi-ingredient handling system at Booth 14B19 in Hall 14. As part of a compounding plant, this system enables fully automated recipe preparation that fulfills high demands for constant product quality, seamless...[more]

07. October 2019

Digital platform and meeting place for the plastic manufacturing industry
Mobile ap “m-hub” is here!

m-hub S.r.l. (www.m-hub.com) is glad to announce the official launch of the m-hub mobile ap at K show (Hall 01//D22), the new digital platform for the plastic manufacturing industry, meeting point of a worldwide community for the exchange of knowledge and thus strengthening a company's success,...[more]

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26. September 2019

ELMET at K2019: New developments and enhancements in LSR dosing systems: Still slimmer design, servo-electric pump drive and new remote maintenance system

ELMET (www.elmet.com) präsentiert sich auf der K2019 als international aktiver Systemlieferant für den gesamten Bereich der Spritzgießverarbeitung von Zweikomponenten-Flüssigsilikonkautschuken (LSR). Ein Schwerpunkt des Messeauftritts in Halle 12 auf Stand 12E49-5 wird die Weiterentwicklung des...[more]

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26. September 2019

Efficient and innovative raw material handling solution
Italian Compounder Upgrades Pilot Plant with Support from Coperion

Italy-based family-owned compounder LATI Industria Termoplastici S.p.A. has tasked Coperion with the pre-engineering and engineering of a state-of-the-art material handling line of a pilot plant at their production site at Torba (VARESE), Italy. The focus of this project is on the development of a...[more]