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16. May 2019

i-mold’s integrated indexing plate drive provides a space saving all-in-one solution
Supports short cycle times in multi-component injection moulding

A new addition to i-mold's portfolio of Servomold solutions is a line-up of servomotor-powered indexing plate drives that can be fully integrated into multi-component injection moulds in a space saving arrangement. Available in four standard system sizes, these units are suitable for plate weights...[more]

18. September 2018

i-mold at Fakuma 2018:
Space-saving tunnel gate inserts, rugged servo drives for rotary motions, optimized hot runner nozzles

Erbach/Germany, September 2018 – The focus of i-mold's presentation at Fakuma 2018 (stand A2-2304) will be on a varied range of space-saving tunnel gate inserts, fast high-precision servo motor drives for turntables and indexing plates as used in multicomponent injection molding, and particularly...[more]

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22. August 2017

i-mold at Fakuma 2017: Space-saving gate inserts, hot runner nozzles and linear actuators; time-saving hot runner halves

At Fakuma 2017, i-mold presents new products for moldmakers that help to save both design space and time. Included in the company's exhibits are smaller tunnel gate inserts for low shot weights, hot runner nozzles for closer cavity spacings, easy-to-install "Fast Half" hot runner systems, and...[more]

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14. November 2016

Individually controlled demolding of five internal threads proceeds quickly and gently with high precision

Servoelectric unscrewing devices developed by Servomold and distributed by its sister company, i-mold, provide precision-controlled and gentle demolding of threads in injection-molded parts. No less than five such systems were combined by the Krallmann Group of Hiddenhausen in a mould used by Festo...[more]

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19. September 2014

i-mold at Fakuma 2014:
System solutions for efficient mold construction

i-mold of Michelstadt/Germany will be presenting at Fakuma 2014 (stand A2-2104 in hall A2) a further augmented range of system solutions for efficiency improvement in mold construction. Among the main exhibits will be the wide range of differently designed tunnel gate inserts for cold runner...[more]

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