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Member of INglass Group, Italy
Schwanheimer Ufer 302
60529 Frankfurt/Main / Germany
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21. May 2019

Hot runner nozzles for very low shot weights and extended range of cylinders

At Molding Expo 2019, which takes place from 21 to 24 May in Stuttgart, HRSflow will present their new small-sized SA series hot runner nozzles for injection molding small technical components with a very compact cut-out in the tool. The company will also showcase extensions of its cylinder...[more]

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04. April 2019

HRScool enables hot runner systems with uncooled cylinder

HRScool is an innovative solution for hot runner injection molding, in which the otherwise necessary water cooling of the corresponding actuator can be dispensed with. The key to this is the twice optimized temperature management system, in which insulating supporting columns with a minimal contact...[more]

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16. October 2018

Tailor-made hot runner solutions for planar components

Complex, high-quality planar parts underline the synergies generated from the combination of HRSflow’s universal hot runner systems and their expertise in the CAE simulation of injection molding processes. Examples range from a sizeable, thin-walled suitcase shell and a collapsible two-material...[more]

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12. November 2018

Compact technology for low-height hot runner stack molds

Specifically for the construction of stack molds, HRSflow has added to its product range a special low-height actuator for hot runner valve gate systems. The advantage of this 'Compact Stack Mold' technology is derived from the staggered arrangement of the cylinders to the side of the nozzle and...[more]

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15. October 2018

HRSflow at Fakuma 2018
Demonstration for the automotive industry: Family mold for inner door trim highlights the performance of the FLEXflow hot runner technology

At Fakuma 2018, HRSflow showcases a new family mold for one-shot production of three high-quality visible parts for a door module for car interiors. The use of the FLEXflow technology ensures flawless, finely grained surfaces without pressure lines or flow marks even though these parts differ...[more]

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